September in the Rill Garden

I was delighted when the renowned garden photographer Clive Nichol came to the garden to capture images of David Harber’s ‘Volante’ sculpture.

Here are some photos by landscaper and photographer Filip Koziel, which show how the garden is developing. It’s been a challenging summer for newly planted gardens, but I think this one is settling in perfectly!


The Rill bisects the main lawn.


The pond with bubbling fountain attracted toads throughout the dry summer, and we had to add ‘toad ladders’ so they could get out.


Looking back towards the spacious terrace.


The four Obelisk beds form a backdrop for the client’s portrait photography.


Glorious gold colours from Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ light up the late summer garden.


Hydrangea ‘Limelight’ and golden Hakone grass light up the shady areas of the garden.


Hibiscus ‘Bluebird’ and a few late wisteria flowers.


Acer leaves and trellis shadows.

Kate Carpenter (2).jpg

Falling petal.