Front garden makeover

It's hard to believe this is the same garden. It was overgrown and even dangerous, with a crumbling sunken area and a tangled mess of plants. Drainage was a problem, with frequent flooding into the garage.

The brief included parking for up to three cars, but without looking like a car park. Some planting was requested, with a mixture of evergreens and ground cover.

The final design used varied surfaces, including square and narrow grey pavers, and grey slate chips that could one day be planted.  An alternative would be a large planter in the centre of the circle, perhaps with an olive tree.

The cleverly graded slope, slot drains and soakaway beneath the slate circle solved the drainage problems. The chosen plants included a Sorbus (Rowan) tree that has cream blossom, pale pink berries and firey autumn foliage, several evergreen shrubs and easily maintained ground cover. The plants will soften the hard landscaping in time, leaving plenty of room for off-street parking.