Time to trim Hellebores.

Hellebore flowers are emerging from the ground now. It's time to cut the old leaves to the ground to allow them to show themselves to best advantage. Getting rid of old foliage also deters the fungal conditions that hellebores are prone to. Bin or burn any affected leaves that show evidence of brown streaks or spots. The plants appreciate a mulch dressing later in the year, and a spring feed is beneficial. Having said that, I find that these are among the easiest of plants to grow in a shady site, and so welcome in January. There are many new selections that are bred to face upwards, and lots of lovely shades to choose from. They take a long time to grow from seed, and do not breed true. This is why they are fairly pricey in garden centres. But it's worth buying when in flower so that you can select the best colours. I find the sumptuous dark purple strains can get lost in the garden, so plant them against a lighter backdrop. One of the best new varieties on offer is 'Anna's Red', which will find a place in my garden this year. Taking care of my hellebores is one of my favourite winter tasks, and evidence that spring is on it's way.