What is that lovely smell?

What is that wonderful smell? It's from an otherwise unremarkable evergreen shrub, Sarcococca confusa. Also known as Christmas Box, it is having it's 'moment' flowering in my garden now. I brought several twigs into the house and the fragrance is fantastic.

The plant is evergreen and shade tolerant. It makes a near shape, and is perfectly happy to be pruned. I remove about 1/3 of the length of each shoot after flowering, which also keeps the shrub nice and bushy. It can be used as a low hedge, and doesn't appear to have any particular problems with pests or disease.  Without pruning it will reach a height of 1.5m, with a similar spread. I have several planted along a shaded wall in my front garden, but you could also plant some near a path or doorway and enjoy the fragrance as you pass by. There should be plenty available at garden centres now.  Add some well-rotted compost or soil conditioner to the planting hole, and keep well-watered until fully established. It is such a 'background' plant that you could easily forget about it until next February when you ask ''What is that lovely smell?''