Cutting the grasses.

One of my favourite grasses is the easy-to-grow Golden Hakone Grass, or Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'. (Why do grasses and ferns have the most complex names?)

Although it still looks fine in late January, I decided to cut it back today to expose the growing narcissi beneath.  I also added a few more bulbs that I'd planted in pots in September. All you need is a pair of shears or secateurs and a calm day: if there's a wind the dried grass blows all over the garden!  Although it looks a bit bare, the fresh new growth will soon start in early spring, and meanwhile the early daffodils will take centre stage from late February.  Bella is a bit puzzled as to the disappearance of her hiding place. The final image shows Hakonechloa in the summer.